Frequently Asked Questions






Here you find the Frequently Asked Questions of Employers who wish to recruit workers here in the Philippines:

What is POEA?

The POEA is the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, a government agency responsible for regulating overseas recruitment and protecting the rights of Filipino workers.

Does my company really need to be accredited/registered with POEA?

Yes. Accreditation is essentially the Philippine Government's grant of authority to a foreign principal to recruit and hire Filipino workers through a licensed agency for overseas employment. The purpose is to establish the existence of the employing person, company or project, its capability to hire workers at acceptable rates and at desirable conditions, in conformity with the minimum standards prescribed by the POEA and taking into account the labour laws and legislations of the host government.

How does World Vision accommodate candidate interviews?

You may choose to conduct interview in person at our offices, via telephone or the internet. Our facilities include an interview room specifically for Principals to conduct candidate interviews and we have a 10Mbps broadband connection and facilities to facilitate web interviews.

How many candidates will you offer me?

We will always try to offer candidates in the ratio of 3 per position. This does however depend on the position; qualifications required and market demand and conditions.

How do you select the candidates you will offer me?

Our staffs are experienced HR practitioners and has the experience required to conduct accurate assessments, job-fit analyses and candidate selections ensuring that you get the right people matched to the right job.

Who will take care of visas?

This depends on the specific laws of your country. In most cases visas need to be filled by you with the relevant agency in your country. However, World Vision offers turnkey solutions for some countries wherein we can assist with the visa processing.

How long does the hiring process take?

Normally, one month from start to finish. This is however dependent on visa and processing time.

Can I have the skills of a candidate independently tested?

Absolutely, a candidate can be referred for skills test after we or you have interviewed and pre-qualified him for a position duly covered by an approved job order.

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